Ivette Fuller

Ivette Fuller earned a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Spanish from Suny Brockport in New York in 2001 and certified as an Infant Toddler Development Specialist/ITDS by the state of Florida in 2007. Works with children and their families that have developmental delays and diagnosis conditions for nearly twenty –five years in both home and school setting.

  • Working as part of a team that consist of professionals and medical personal to help children delayed and diagnosis in the following areas: Autism, Down Syndrome, Hearing impairments, Communication, Emotional and Behavioral disorders,  Sensory Integration disorders, ADHD, and prematurity, etc.
    • Assist and implement special education/developmental program for each child on one basis in area of cognition, gross motor, and fine motor, and self-help, social/emotional and behavioral management.
    • Obtain information about child’s concerns and assess needs of the child
    • The basic use of sign Language
    • Able to provide interpretation and translation to Spanish speaking families
    • Work with family in natural environment