Central Florida Pediatric Therapy Associates is staffed by a team of physical, occupational and speech therapists, each fully licensed and insured. We are trained in the latest techniques and technologies, and always strive to keep up with new developments in the field. Our highly skilled team can assess your child's needs, provide appropriate therapy, and offer you ideas about ways to positively impact your child's development. CFPTA provides home based physical, occupational and speech therapy along with early intervention.

In addition to our staff of therapists, Central Florida Pediatric Therapy Associates is owned by two talented therapists with over 35 years combined experience. Over the years they have worked with all types of disabled or developmentally delayed children. They provide an empathetic ear and a tender touch - a philosophy shared by their staff.

Central Florida Pediatric Therapy Associates accepts referrals from pediatricians, CMS, Early Steps and individuals. We are providers for Medicaid, Healthy Kids, Medikids, CMS and various insurances. All of our vehicles are fully equipped to handle any of your child's needs.

CFPTA offers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Early Intervention services at the child’s home or at the Central Florida Dreamplex. Click here to learn more about the services we offer.

Our Therapists




Renee' and Amy have been coming to my home to give therapy to our little girl "Brookie" for 11 years now, not only has their company given excellent therapy to our daughter with Down Syndrome but all who have entered our doors over the years become a part of our family, Renee' Amy, Michelle, Trina, Meredith and Tina~ words cannot express the gratitude for everyone involved in this company past or present. We love you all!

-Donna Vieira


My son was first diagnosed with ASD around two years of age, we were warned that he may possibly never talk (we might never hear "I love you"!) his social interaction would be very limited with his peers and it would be a struggle to get him through school among many other "ordinary" things that he may never do. CFPTA's therapists have been working with my son for about 3 years and the progress that he has made is incredible under their tutelage, he has blossomed. They are patient, kind and work hard to help him make his goals but they also make it fun for him. He looks forward to their visits every week. I am so thankful for Michelle and Christine - because of their hard work and dedication we have been able to prove the "specialists" wrong. Although my son is a little quirky at times, he is a well-adjusted little boy.

Thank you CFPTA,

-Michelle and Christine!


CFPTA has truly been a blessing to our family. What I love most is that our daughter's therapists remain optimistic about her future. They don't only work with the child they address the uncertainties and fear that we as parents may experience throughout the physical delays our daughter has encountered. We look forward to seeing them every week and thank God that he sent a team that loves our daughter like family. Slowly but surely she is growing and learning new things and I know that next to God I owe this to CPTA.

Thanks Amy and Rene. We love you.

-The Walkers.


I have a beautiful 4 year old boy that has been diagnosed with many conditions and has been under CFPTA's care since he came home from hospital at 3 months old. The team have been so positive and have never given up on him. They have taught me so much and there professionalism and caring has always been like a shining light. I am truly blessed to of found such a great and gifted group of therapists.